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Rick spent 20 years in executive leadership positions in a handful of companies from startups to Fortune 500.
These experiences allowed Rick to travel almost every week for work over this part of his career. This travel experience provided a diverse view of cultures and far-off lands.Rick's work travel allowed him to use his experiences to travel with his wife and their 7 children. Rick has traveled the globe with his family and loves to visit places where he can experience local culture, food, and sites as a local might.
Rick had an opportunity as a young man to live in South America for 2 years and it was here that he became fluent in Spanish and loved the Latin cultures. Rick also dabbles in a few other languages such as Portuguese, German, Russian and French.
These days Rick travels 4-8 weeks a year to visit his favorite places as well as new places too.
Travel was instilled in Rick as a young child. His family would often travel to visit extended family and stop off to see the nearby National Parks and other areas of interest. Rick's first solo travel trip was at 18 years old on a 12-day tour of Europe. This changed Rick's life forever!
Rick saw that a benefit of traveling was to take others who had not yet visited these areas with him so he could share the joy of traveling with them.
Rick has been to over 40 countries and counting and has also visited all 50 United States (airports don't count). Rick has returned to many of the great cities of the world multiple times including New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., London, Paris, Dubai, Berlin, Jerusalem, Munich, Rome, Barcelona, Bangkok, Manila, Amsterdam, etc.
One of the "off the beaten path" locations Rick has visited was a wonderful trip to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakstan.
Asking Rick to choose a favorite location is like asking him to choose a favorite child, but Rick and his family return to Europe and Hawaii almost every year. That must speak for something.
When Rick has nothing to do he can be found watching YouTube videos about a place he hasn't visited yet or reading a guidebook about an up and coming trip.
Rick is passionate about travel, food, history and his family, as well as helping others experiencing the wonders of travel.

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